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Next Level Efficient Listening

July 15th, 2021

Rajesh Nagjee a.k.a. The Next Level Guy, is an entrepreneur mentor, and CEO coach. For over 25 years now, Nagjee has been guiding and mentoring, creating awareness in what he feels many of us lack: A perspective and willingness to listen.

Strongly advocating that next level efficiency is linked to effective listening, Nagjee’s session was an eye-opener in several aspects.

The well-attended session saw the guests come away with some interesting and thought-provoking ideas to step up to the next level. As Nagjee is fond of saying “next level is something that everyone wants to get to.”

The captivating monodrama of Ahalya

March 6th, 2021

Ahalya, a monodrama in Hindi and the third part of the Panchakanya series was performed by Anjana Chandak on March 6 at hospitality partner gallery g’s premises.

Commissioned by SGMF, the five-part Panchakanya series has been hugely popular with several re-runs and performance artist Anjana Chandak kept the audience spellbound on this occasion too.

Performed for a special, invite-only audience of about 60, Anjana’s depiction of Ahalya, the mythological character who is deceived by Ind ra, cursed by her husband Gautama Maharishi before being released from the curse by Lord Rama, was supremely well executed.

The five-part Panchakanya series has been conceptualized by Gitanjali Maini and executed by Anjana Chandak. The earlier two performances include Aaj bhi Mandodari and Draupadi.

The performance of Ahalya was also to commemorate Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation’s five new exhibit launches on Google Arts and Culture. SGMF is the principal patron of RRVHF.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's an artist, who knew?

February 26th, 2021

The Foundation has over the years supported and promoted artists by way of its Artists’ Initiative Programme. It is a delight to announce our association with Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who over the last 15 years, has been painting, away from the world’s eyes.

Having first exhibited his works in Dubai in 2009, Salman’s paintings haven’t been displayed after that. Having evolved as an artist in the years hence, Salman’s works will be showcased through SGMF from now on.

His new work Immortal: Selfless In A Selfish World was unveiled at the Foundation on February 26, 2021 as part of the launch on Google Arts and Culture. Besides this, some of the artist’s other works are also on display in one of the exhibits of SGMF on GAC. His works can be accessed on the exhibit Celebrating & Promoting Diversity In Arts.

The actor then posted on his social media accounts on Insta, Twitter and Facebook which went viral:

Awkward embarrassed n yet delighted, honoured, privileged n over the moon to display my work amongst such great artist n legends like Raja Ravi Varma, Abanindranath Tagore, & VS Gaitonde. In all humility thank u for the honour!

Press coverage can be found here.

SGMF on GAC – an association to cherish

February 26th, 2021

It is indeed a proud, yet humbling moment for the Founders. Backed by more than 15 years of work in promoting art, culture and heritage in their individual capacity before forming the Sandeep & Gitanjali Foundation, it is with delight we announce our association with Google Arts & Culture.

SGMF is the newest member on GAC, the globally popular digital platform, which hosts several top-notch museums and high-end galleries in the world. On February 26, 2021, the Foundation which works extensively in the arts and across the genre of literary, visual and performing arts, came up on Google Arts & Culture.

Showcasing the works and projects it has been involved in over the last 18 years, from the time Gitanjali Maini began to promote art in her individual capacity before setting up the Foundation, it encompasses the journey of the Founders in promoting arts, culture and heritage.

To celebrate the association, the Foundation opened the exhibition The Masters & The Modern, An amalgamation of the Old & New World Classics with works by Raja Ravi Varma, C. Raja Raja Varma, Neelakanta Pillai, Abanindranth Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy besides works from artists who have participated in the Kochi Muziris Biennale.

Gitanjali Maini, Founder Trustee of SGMF says: “It’s been 18 years since we have been working diligently, and silently, to help art and artists survive in a hard, and sometimes harsh ecosystem. In the process we took on projects of historical and cultural significance as well. India is a veritable treasure trove of history and has a large artistic talent pool. It is time more patrons came forward to offer their support to this community of creative individuals. “A country’s artistic community will not flourish if there aren’t enough patrons around. Sometimes buying and collecting art is not enough, and one has to do a lot more to keep the creative ecosystem thriving in a country. I hope people will be encouraged by the work we have done through SGMF and open their hearts to this extremely talented community of creative individuals.”

Simon Rein, Program Manager, Google Arts & Culture, says: “We are delighted to partner with Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation. The collection and exhibitions showcase their stellar efforts in the preservation and promotion of arts, heritage and culture, offering a glimpse into nearly two decades of SGMF’s visionary programmes, support, mentoring and patronage for India’s diverse traditions.”

The Foundation can be accessed on Google Arts & Culture at:

Press coverage for the show can be accessed below:

Supporting the The Handmade Collective

February 22nd, 2021

The Handmade Collective by A Hundred Hands at the Bangalore International Centre on February 20-21, 2021 was supported by the Foundation. This edition was curated specifically to support the artists/artisans whose livelihood depends on ‘handmade’ and who are engaged in traditional craft. Around 65 participants including 12 urban and 53 traditional artisans were involved in the two-day collective. Total sales for the two days was over Rs. 3.2 lakh with all the proceeds going to the artisans, encouraging them to perseveres after an exceptionally difficult year.

A Hundred Hands is a registered charitable trust set up 11 years ago, which runs multi-faceted programmes to revitalise handmade crafts, and to build traditional Indian skills.

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