About SGMF

Taking forward a tradition

Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation (SGMF) was formed in June 2017, to carry out and build on gallery g’s and the Maini Group’s several art-and-culture fostering activities.

Gitanjali Maini’s initiatives, at gallery g, have extensively promoted art and artists at many levels. It’s a commitment Sandeep Maini shares, as reflected in the Maini Group’s own programmes. SGMF has been started with the Maini Group Founder Dr. SK Maini’s blessings, as someone who’s always fostered art and culture.

Our Logo

The four free-form shapes in the monogram, each in its own colour, symbolize what we stand for — yellow for clarity of purpose, red for initiative, green for renewal and blue for idealism. Together, their vividness reminds us of the joy that art and culture give us, of why we must work to sustain them.


We will do this by creating a structure of systems and processes, so they continue to evolve and flourish. The minimal, contemporary font and composition of the name Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation signify the clarity of this structure which will foster a diversity of artistic and cultural genres and formats.

We will reach out in a phased manner to identify and connect with stakeholders in various artistic and cultural endeavours and initiate interactions and interventions through events, programmes and other mediums, sponsorships and mentorships. Some ongoing and scheduled initiatives are listed here.

Our Associations

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