Expert Hour

An exciting new domain launched

In September 2020, SGMF entered into an exciting, new domain, launching Expert Hour. All through April-September, SGMF as Principal Patron of Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation had been associated with distinguished speakers on art through the webinar platform.

Given the potential of digital media is enormous, the Foundation by virtue of its association commissioned the services of experts to speak on various topics like Preserving the legacy, techniques of master artists, evolution of cities through the architectural lens, to name a few through the webinars. Our sincere attempt is to cover as diverse topics as possible, which resonates with the Foundation’s vision. In this endeavour and also to bring on board an entirely new audience of the listening genre, SGMF has moved into the Podcast domain.

In the current scenario it’s either on the go or in the comfort of your home, Podcast is indeed the zippy way to hear and assimilate knowledge and information. Realising the genre of art, history and heritage is still nascent on the podcast domain, we aim to fill the gap with our new launch.

Thanks to our Sponsor

The chief patron for the Expert Hour series is John Delano, a friend and ardent supporter of the Foundation since inception. Having supported us in many endeavours, the US-based John Delano has offered to exclusively sponsor the 2020-21 Expert Hour series.

To know more on how to support the Foundation and to be part of our initiatives, kindly write in to